Tuesday, February 3, 2009

More Alexander Girard Goodies

On more than one occasion, I have posted goodies from one of my all time favorites, Alexander Girard. Here are a few more, all from House Industries.

::Is it wrong I want to have a child just so I can feel justified in buying these, or worse, should I just be that person that buys these for the kid I might wanna have maybe someday::


Based on a Girard carpet design found in the project archive of Saarinen’s Miller House in Columbus, Indiana. The design was never used in the landmark home, but we couldn’t let this folksy menagerie sit in the archive without letting it see the light of day. Made in the USA from replenishable basswood and printed with child-safe non-toxic inks.

Memory Game

Girard’s folk aesthetic abounds in this cornucopia of illustrative delights. He originally created these images for his environmental enrichment panels that he designed to spice up Herman Miller’s Action Office plan. Each game comes with 72 pieces and a limited-edition wooden box. Made in the USA out of replenishable basswood and printed with child-safe non-toxic inks.

Marilyn Neuhart Dolls

Alexander Girard was so smitten with Marilyn Neuhart’s dolls that he asked her to make 100 for the 1961 opening of his Textile & Objects store. Since they were the catalyst for his creative partnership with the Neuharts, we asked Marilyn to create four new designs. Made in the USA with Mexican cotton from the same family-owned mill that she used for her originals.


Delicious Industries said...

I absolutely love those Marilyn Neuhart dolls! The afros, the cute little ones holding the cats and the big starry eyes - soooo kitsch!

Hero Design Studio + Boutique said...

So great right? I want it all! I am a sucker for everything with Girard's name attached.