Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Wedding Rings for Geeks

What can you even say? AMAZING!

This Thursday at Hero - Jeremyville Dunny

Jeremyville Dunny - 8-Inch

Witness the irreversible damage of the Nightmare in Jeremyville on Dunny's teary-eyed face.

Flip this 8-incher over for Jeremyville's graphic recount of Dunny's dystopia printed in bright and happy shades of pink.

Includes a decaying carrot accessory and 14 x 17-inch poster.

Make your wall magnetic

(photo from Apartment Therapy)

We are planning to do this to our poster wall here at the boutique, and possibly on a wall in our home office, (if it works), so I was doing some research and I thought I would share what I have found...

1) Purchase Magenetic Paint, paint it on the wall as a primer - the more coats the stronger the magnetism - and then paint over with the color you desire. Available starting at $25 from Kling Magnetics, you can also buy some magnetic paint or chalk board paint from Yoya shop online, and RustOleum also makes a magnetic paint too. This company makes a magically magnetic paint additive that you can add to any paint.

2) Then buy yourself some clean modern magnets, here are a bunch of the cylinder and disk magnets on ebay - any magnets will work though. Post any links if you have other magnets you can suggest.

Here is a blog someone posted about turning his wall into a Magnetic Poster Wall.

I cannot suggest one product over another as we have yet to complete the project, so if you have used any of these products please let us know your experiences, we'd love to hear more about them.

Wear your heart on your sleeve and show your support in style.

Loved this adorable Obama button set that I came across today!! Buy your buttons here - all profits from sales of the buttons will be donated to the Obama General Election Campaign.

Photoshop Photo Frame

OMG this is just absolutely fabulous!! I need this for my desk!!

photoshop photo frame: the first ever analog digital photo frame. This is high quality 4x5 white wooden white frame with hand silk screened image of software window, only 50 will be produced in time for holidays, and will be selling for about $50. Send an email to iloveblocks@gmail.com if you are interested.


Monday, September 29, 2008


Shonah pendants are individually handmade, using a blend of her original screen-printed fabrics, patchwork and vintage fabrics. Each beautiful piece is mounted on Tasmanian oak, carefully hand crafted by her father in a quaint country town, furnishing an organic feel to her designs.


These are so beautiful and they are three of my favorite things together in one - animals, patterns and necklaces.


Alphabet Bags

Alphabet Bags (which launched yesterday) was created in by business partners and couple Hayley Thwaites & Lucas Lepola, two twenty-somethings living in London. They also created KeepCalmGallery.com, where they offer a variety of beautiful prints for the home. The bags have been made using 100% heavy-weight cotton and have been stitched and screen printed in the UK.
I think I need to get myself a nice "B", bag! Which would you get?

Saturday, September 27, 2008

‘Second Lives’ at the Museum of Arts and Design

Images from a slideshow in NY Times - see the whole thing here.

"Sound Wave" (2007) by Jean Shin

A chandelier made out of recycled eyeglasses by Stuart Haygarth.

“My Back Pages” (2006-2008) by Paul Villinski

Roberta Smith writes:

In “Second Lives: Remixing the Ordinary” at the new Museum of Arts and Design, masses of plastic utensils and combs, vinyl LPs, dangling eyeglasses, syringes, ladies’ pumps, pieces of crockery and spools of thread are marshaled into works of art or design, most of them derivative and gimmicky.

Read more about the show here.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Harry Sierman: Design, Posters and Books

Featured over at Grain Edit (one of my favorite daily lurking stops on the interwebs) - is a wonderful post about designer Harry Sierman. Check it out. I admittedly haven't seen his work before, but I am loving it all!!

Modern House Number Roundup

This is something I have been meaning to look around for and now I don't have to because NOTCOT did it for me. A wonderful collection of resources for Modern House Numbers.

We are putting a new light on the front of our house, and I have been looking for great numbers, and also a killer mailbox. Anyone got any resources on mailboxes, post em up in the comments! Ive been having a heck of a time trying to find a clean modern mailbox.

Flybrary Bookshelf

Another great looking floating bookshelf! Get one here.

Finally a photoshop filter I can't hate on

I hate *most* Photoshop filters, they always produce such forced and fake-looking results. But, these are filters that I can get behind, and wouldn't mind having and experimenting with.

Mister Retro's Permanent Press Filter set.


Scavengers II - by Kathie Olivas COMING SOON

We just ordered these, and they will be at Hero in late October!! They are sooo adorable - can't wait to get them in.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Diesel - XXX - Dirty 30

Diesel bangs the drum (and other things) for its worldwide Dirty 30 party.
SO AMAZING!!! View here.

or check it out below from YouTube

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

File under: ADORABLE!

Swedish electro-poppers Minilogue have a new video that is littered with adorable animated creatues. It is all just so perfect, I couldn't imagine anything but these cuties paired with this song. Kristofer Ström and VFX creator Erik Bucholtz have filled the vid for Minilogue’s latest single, “Animals”, with a full-on menagerie of animated creatures.

Watch “Animals” in HD here, or check out the YouTube video above.

Tomorrow at Hero

The Heroes of Burgertown from Jon Burgerman!!
They are stupid cute. Get in here and get some.



The Heroes of Burgertown have been subjected to a far more powerful force: the endless imagination of UK doodler Jon Burgerman.

Tattoo You

Hero's Poster for BRMC's May 1st show in Urbana, IL

A dude with a tattoo of the artwork from said poster.

Yup it's official, we have made it!!
(sent to us by Black Rebel's Management.)

Do you have a Hero tattoo? (I doubt it) BUT if for some reason, you or someone you know does, send it to us.
We'll post you in here and send you a little somethin' for showing Hero love, FOREVER!

Follow up to Schtock - I was had!!!

Wow! I have to say this was all pretty brilliant. It had me going. Last week I posted about Schtock, a blog kept by "anonymous", who worked at a major stock photo company. Leaving clues that led people to Corbis, this blog was posted on over 150 separate sites in just 4 days (including this one). It was all a faux-viral marketing plan by General Projects a newly formed design shop, to get the attention of Corbis and their intended audience. (this was their first project - self assigned). It will be interesting to see if Corbis works with them, sponsor's the site, or files a cease and desist.

Read the below press release posted yesterday:

/ For immediate release


General Projects

As a newly formed design shop, General Projects launched with a self-assigned first project – to get the attention of Corbis and eventually turn that into a client relationship. This was done by launching a faux-viral campaign online with the intention of getting the Corbis name in front of as many members of their target audience as possible on a limited budget.

Schtock.com posed itself as the brain-child of a stock photo employee who cataloged images for a living. Inspired by the photos that crossed his desk on a daily basis, he “couldn’t help but play around.” Schtock was the result of these visual experiments. While Corbis was never overtly mentioned in order to maintain the plausibility of the site’s motivations, the photos used were of such a nature that they could only be found in their deep library of both contemporary and historical images. As the site was updated daily with new images and blog posts, it was launched via personal emails sent to select sites. The blogosphere was actively encouraged to believe that Corbis was the source of the campaign by way of clues that were left around the site, driving up traffic and intrigue.

- Mentioned on over 150 separate sites, putting the Corbis brand in front of over 200,000 viewers over the course of 4 days.
- Over 20,000 unique visitors to the site itself during just 4 days.
- Positive feedback across the board:

“Schtock: Modern Day Folk Hero”
- Veer

“Of course it’s viral advertising. Smart too.”
- Comment, PDN Magazine

“I hope this blog becomes so popular that the company this person works for, sponsors it or lets him list the company’s name, such a great advertisement for their images.”
- Hero Design Studio

“Possibly suspect, but one of the most interesting links i’ve seen on here for a while”
- Comment, QBN.com

“..whether this is just some guy who get’s bored at work, or a genius marketing campaign, it seems to be stirring up the design blog world.”
- Design Fix

“STOP getting hung up on the idea that video is the only thing that can be ‘viral.’ [Here are] examples that border on guerilla, experiential, interactive, whatever. First, for Corbis, check out schtock stock.”
- Make The Logo Bigger

See select Schtock images attached

About General Projects:
General Projects is a full-service design agency that focuses on highly original marketing concepts with limited budgets.

While a partner at his previous firm, Fwis, General Projects founder Ben Pieratt launched such projects as Readymech, The Covers Blog, The Museum of Art for the Arts, and Readycam.

CD: Ben Pieratt
Dev: Eric Jacobsen

Relevant URLs:

- -


Ben Pieratt
Creative Director
General Projects


Cell: +1 978 / 491-7637
Fax: +1 978 / 231-0407

New stuff from Switcheroo! Available Now!

These just showed up and they are so amazing and adorable- "Colonel Corn" BurgerLog by Anna Chambers.
It's a limited edition 8" Plush Poop or a Doodie Doll, if you wish. We also have the super rare special diarrhea (or as my mom called it "loose poopies") version available, too.

Check in on the BurgerLog blog now!

Also just in - Pistol Pedro Plush
This 11 inch, life sized pistol plush is the first of Michelle Valigura's Concealed Weapon series. He's sportin' his fancy mustache and his name is stitched into the hilt. Pedro will help you kick ass and be your best friend.

Live Dunny Painting with Kathie Olivias Tomorrow at Kid Robot NYC

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Archive and Gallery of Vintage Packaging and Advertisements

Tick Tock Toys Archives and Galleries feature scans and photos of vintage packaging and advertisements. Some of my favorite design is from the 50's - 70's and there are loads of wonderful examples of that in these archives.
Above is a VERY small sample of some of my personal favs, but I could just go on and on, there are so many goodies. What are your favs?