Friday, October 31, 2008

Need a last minute costume?

We've been so preoccupied with the custom show and that Matisyahu poster series that Mark and I didnt even make plans for Halloween costumes this year. There are so many great parties tonight and tomorrow that we will probably have to pass on because of that. BUT if you are in a bind and need a great last minute mask - grab one of these beautiful vintage inspired masks by Drew Morrison created for Daily Candy. Simply download the PDF, print em out, cut along the lines, grab some string and be on your way. Choose from the owl, black cat, skeleton or mechanical bird (complete with windup key).


This B.U.D.'s for You - Custom Toys Available for Purchase Online NOW

They are all one-of-a-kind and some have already sold so hurry and get the one you want NOW before it is gone. And finally.... some shameless self promotion of the toys that Hero did for the show. Ryan's sold but Mark's and mine are still available.

Elizabeth Manos Brickey - Hero Design Studio
"Earl E. Bird"

Mark Brickey - Hero Design Studio
"Bear Lee Legal"

Ryan Besch - Hero Design Studio
"The Lack"

Thursday, October 30, 2008

I need some wallpaper...I think

So we have a small townhouse and we are in the process of finishing up remodeling our downstairs. We just put in new french doors and we have a brand new kitchen, with gloss black cabinets, brushed aluminum back splash and greyish countertops. We have a wall at the back of the house that is shared by the kitchen and the living room area that has the french doors leading out to the back yard, and I really love the idea of putting wallpaper there to get a bold graphic black and white punch when you walk in the house (front door is on the other side of the house and would face this wall). We are painting everything else simple with a neutral color, probably grey, and we will get a pop of color with the couch (maybe red or something really bright like yellow). Annnnnyhow... here are some wonderful wallpapers from Walnut that I like - the first might be my favorite, but I really love all 3. How cool is the wallpaper on the ceiling idea?

OK, I am going to go searching for more wallpapers now.

Scavengers II - by Kathie Olivas AVAILABLE NOW!!

They just showed up and WOW!!! So cute!! Come and get em now!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Cure For Dog iPhone Envy: The iBone!

Derby (yes I took this with my iPhone)

For all the times poor Derby has to sit on the couch and watch us ignore each other while messing with out iPhones, but worse, ignore her - now she can have her own. The iBone - the coolest dog accessory for the tech savvy dog on the go. I'm just curious though, is it available in 3G?
Get it here or here.

Alessi Housewares

Alessi - Paradise Birds Salt & Pepper Set by Stefano Giovannoni

Alessi - Tigrito Cat Bowl by Miriam Mirri

Alessi - Magic Bunny Toothpick Holder by Stefano Giovannoni

Alessi - Bunny & Carrot Kitchen Roll Holder by Stefano Giovannoni

Alessi - Statuette Presepe by Massimo Giacon

Alessi - Mr. Suicide Bathtub Plug by Massimo Giacon

I have for sometime now, been admiring the Alessi collection of modern housewares. They create quality and innovative cookware, barware, and other housewares with a whimsical flair. Among some of the best known of the Alessi's products are Richard Sapper's kettle with a two-tone whistle, Michael Graves' kettle with bird shaped whistle, and Philippe Starck's Juicy Salif citrus squeezer. Here are just a few of my personal favorites.
I think we need to think about carrying some of there in the Hero boutique, they are just so amazing. See more of their products here.

Colour In Wallpaper and Cards by Jon Burgerman

Ninteenseventythree has produced some great wallpaper by Jon Burgerman that you can color in yourself. What a cool idea for a kid's room. Buy the wallpaper online here. Buy the cards online here.

You may have seen Jon Burgerman's stuff at Hero before - he made the super cute and very popular "Heroes of Burgertown" and the "Tea Bear" of the 3 Bears Dunnys that came out earlier this year.


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Good Is Dead

Chip Kidd is one of my all time favs. Besides being a writer, Chip is a designer, best known for his phenomenal book covers. Chip has a new website, Good Is Dead, that features his portfolio, upcoming speaking engagements, a journal and lots of other goodies. Check it out now!



Wow, what a super amazingly, adorable Halloween project!!! Once again Instructables has another fabulous DIY project for you! Complete with step by step instructions and photos!!

This Halloween season, bring an old computer back from the dead. Here's all you need to turn that dusty old Mac Classic into a glowing, Halloween treat. Besides a working computer and a little technical know-how (very little), all you need is three cans of spray paint and a bit of epoxy. And here's the best slimy guts to clean out!

Northern Netherlands during Tulip Season

These photos are from May in the northern Netherlands, but I came across this on and it made me so happy. These arial views of the stunning tulip fields of the northern Netherlands. the Dutch landscape in May is a kaleidoscope of giddy colours as the tulips burst into life.

The bulbs were planted in late October and early November, and these colourful creations are now ready to be picked and sold as bunches of cut flowers in florists and supermarkets.

More than three billion tulips are grown each year and two-thirds of the vibrant blooms are exported, mostly to the U.S. and Germany.

In the first picture, an extraordinary 60 million tulips can be seen coming into flower. The Netherlands produce more than nine million bulbs a year.


I am officially back to "blogging" now that the Custom Show has opened and is on cruise control. So here is another goody for you...

Due to the overwhelming response asking to see some of the footage from their forthcoming DVD 13 Most Beautiful... Songs for Andy Warhol's Screen Tests, Plexifilm put together a trailer for your viewing enjoyment. Subjects include Nico, Lou Reed, Edie Sedgwick, Dennis Hopper, and more. Shot between 1964 and 1966 at Warhol's Factory studio in New York City, the Screen Tests are presented with newly commissioned soundtracks by Dean Wareham and Britta Phillips. The limited edition DVD is presented in a deluxe gatefold LP-style package with an exclusive poster and booklet. In addition, one frame from each of the 13 Screen Tests has been hand-printed as an archival gelatin-silver photograph in an edition of 100. Your choice of one of these individual prints is included. The retail DVD is presented in a slipcovered hard-bound book package. Get more info on the DVD and the limited edition version.

Rubitone (Rubik + Pantone)

Came across this and it made me smile.

- Concept by Ignacio Pilotto. Not intended to be a commercial product. There is no affiliation between Pantone, Inc. and the Rubitone.

- PANTONE® and other Pantone, Inc. trademarks and copyrights are the property of, and are used with the written permission of, Pantone, Inc. PANTONE Color identification is solely for artistic purposes and not intended to be used for specification. All rights reserved.


Monday, October 27, 2008

This B.U.D.'s for You - Photos

Visit our online gallery here to see the entire collection of custom Blow Up Dolls from the show - any unsold toys will be available for purchase from the site this Friday 10/31 at 12pm EST.

Check out more photos from the opening reception here.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Today at Hero

Heroes And Heartbreakers - Mini Figures

Something in the candy put Portland artist Ryan Bubnis' 3-inch Heroes and Heartbreakers into zombie mode.

Watch out for 16 blind boxed figures and 2 chases each tricked out in sugar-coated eeriness.

Perfect for Halloween.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

This B.U.D.'s for You on Buffalo Rising

Check out the article online that was featured in this month's print edition

Monday, October 20, 2008

This B.U.D.'s for You - Custom 9" B.U.D. Toy Show OPENS THIS FRIDAY 10/24

This B.U.D.'s For You is a Custom Toy Show featuring Jamungo's 9" Blow Up Doll. There are over 35 artists from all over the world participating and creating one-of-a-kind custom toys. Some of the artists include Frank Kozik, Doktor A, Michael Michael Motorcycle, Shawnimals, Bobby Dixon and soo many more. Local artists include Thomas Rooney of Pavlov's Togs, Richard Kegler of P22, Jon Mirro of HOD Tattoo, Edreys, and Jordan Buckley of Every Time I Die.

All the pieces will be available for sale on a first come, first serve basis so make sure you get the the opening if you are interested in a specific toy.
The opening reception will be at El Museo (right next door to Hero) and the show will move over to Hero for the duration - until December 23. The remaining unsold pieces will also be for sale online starting October 31st at 12pm EST.

***GET MORE INFO HERE (including a full artist list)***

Interview with Delicious Design League.

Check out this wonderful interview with our good friends Delicious Design League from Chicago (Billy and Jason are 2 of our most favorite people in the whole wide world). And make sure you check out their toy in our custom show that opens this Friday night - it's one of my personal favs.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Hang in there....

Saw this little guy and he made me smile. The Martyr' lamp is designed by UK design studio The Play Coalition.
Made from stainless steel the playful lamp hangs from a plug point.

the play coalition

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Alessi Forest Gump Salt and Pepper Set

Just came across this on Fitzu and it made me smile.
Alessi Forest Gump Salt and Pepper Set. Condiment set: salt, pepper, toothpicks in thermoplastic resin. Hand-decorated and super cute. Reminds me of old school video games from when we were kids.