Thursday, February 26, 2009

Boarding Pass Shiraz 2005

Boarding Pass Shiraz is one of my favorite bottles of wine in it's price range, not only is it inexpensive, usually right around $20, but it is also delicious, and VERY fun to look at. I had it for the first time at a restaurant probably two years ago and before I took my first sip, I fell in love. When I saw the bartender lift the bottle, open it and pour my glass, I giggles and of course asked to see the bottle. I try to buy a bottle whenever I am at the liquor store if they have it, and I got a bottle this past weekend while in Pittsburgh, since it was $2 cheaper there.

It's genius and adorable packaging, had I not tried it at a restaurant first, would have screamed for me to pick it up at the wine store based on the bottle alone (this is my usual method for trying new wines, buy based on the labels). I won't even pretend to be able to talk about the notes in the wine or how to pair it, I just know it's a full bodied red, and besides the packaging, I like it's peppery taste and the buttery quality.

OK, enough of me pretending I know what I am talking about, I can however show you how pretty the packaging is though, that I can handle.

[all photos taken from NotCot]

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Paul Stonier said...

I've seen this design a couple times. I love it. It ranks up there with Fat Bastard and Laughing Stock's labeling. All very clever work.

Marquis Philips' labels are also quite nice.