Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Are you a toy collector that shops at Hero? Are you always looking for the next BIG thing, that is super rare, very collectible and hard to get??

Well, we have something for you...

Hero's Special Order Collectors Club Email List!!

By signing up for and receiving these emails you will get the opportunity to view and special order things through us that our regular customers will not have access to. You are not required to make ANY purchases, or spend a certain amount of money a month or anything like that. This is simply a way for us to offer more limited items to those that are interested, on a special order type basis. We will ask for a 25% deposit of the total price at the time of your order and we will cover the shipping on getting the item to Hero.

Email us at hero.design [at] mac [dot] com or call us at 716.858.4376 if you are interested in more info or if you would like to be on the list, we just ask that you are a local shopper that would be able to come by to pick up your orders as we are not offering shipping services on the special order stuff.

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