Monday, August 4, 2008

This B.U.D.'s for You - Custom 9" B.U.D. Toy Show at Hero

This B.U.D.'s for You
Custom 9" B.U.D. Toy Show at Hero
October 24-December 23, 2008
Opening Reception October 24, 2008

WHAT: This B.U.D.'s for You. Hero is hosting a custom toy show featuring one-of-a-kind customs from over 30 artists from all over the world. The figure that is being customized is the 9" Blow Up Doll from Jamungo (as seen above) and each custom toy will be available for purchase. They will be available online after the first week of being on display, so if you are hoping to get a custom from a certain artist, you will want to be at the opening.

WHEN: October 24 - December 23, 2008. The opening reception is Friday, October 24 at El Museo directly next door to Hero. The show will only be on display at El Museo for the night of the reception (Hero will still be open next door) and the show will move over and remain on display at Hero from October 25 - December 23.

WHERE: Opening reception is Friday October 24 is at El Museo, 95 Allen Street, Buffalo NY 14202 the collection will be on display for duration of the show at Hero Design Studio + Boutique at 93 Allen Street.

WHY: This B.U.D.'s for You was organized to spotlight the phenomenon of custom designed toys and the artists creating them. We are featuring seasoned toy designers, gigposter artists, fine artists, illustrators, tattoo artists, musicians, etc. There will be local artists as well as international artists. Each piece is a one-of-kind toy all available for purchase.

Frank Kozik • Dalek • Doktor A • Michael Michael Motorcycle • Shawn Smith of Shawnimals • Bobby Dixon • Aesthetic Apparatus • Anne Benjamin • Jordan Buckley • Mike Budai • Jared Cain • Cerdo • Coreroc • D-LuX • DROID • Delicious Design League • Doublenaut • Dwitt • Edreys • Jason Goad • Eleanor Grosch • Hero Design Studio • Richard Kegler • Bucky Lastard • Leecifer • Jon Mirro • Punchgut • Thomas Rooney • Rob Schwager • Craig Seder • Mike Slobot • Dan Springer • Dan Stiles • Strawberryluna • Adam Swinbourne • Amy Jo/Tooth • Lonny Unitus


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