Thursday, August 14, 2008

Metal for Monsters

Blend Creations is an online-based retailer of stainless steel jewelry, run by husband-wife team, graphic designer, Eric Jean-Louis and industrial designer, Vivian Cheng. One Saturday morning, while they were reading the paper, they were moved by a story about children in other parts of the world who, for whatever reason, lack basic needs such as food, shelter, water and an education. They thought about what they could do to give back to the other little monsters of the world, and Metal for Monsters was born.

Metal for Monsters is a jewelry collaboration with a handful of illustrators and toy designers. S.britt, Stefan G. Bucher, Jon Burgerman, Anna Chambers, Justin Hillgrove, Adam Koford, John Martz, Jay Stephens and Brian Taylor have all supplied Blend Creations with really cool monster art to be made into pendants. Each laser-etched, stainless steel pendant features an illustration on the front with the artist’s signature and number (out of 100) on the back. For each pendant purchased, $16 will be donated to UNICEF. Vivian and Eric are currently working out the details of production and preparing for a launch date.

via Josh Spear

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