Friday, August 1, 2008

Posters for Change

Graphic designer Max Erdenberger created the dazzling seizure-inducing animation in Gnarls Barkley’s “Run” video, writes the always-enlightening art & design blog Viewers Like You, and just released a series of beautiful posters promoting environmental responsibilty.

Originally commissioned by eco-clothing brand NAU’s philanthropic arm, Partners for Change, the posters never saw the light of day until Erdenberger came up with a unique solution to a very modern problem: how do you justify the unavoidably copious carbon emissions of a cross-country move?

“I already pay about $400 a year to make my family a carbon neutral family,” says Erdenberger, who recently moved 950 miles from smoggy L.A. to the great outdoors of the Pacific Northwest. “The move is an especially nasty polluter.” So the designer decided to dust off his eye-popping eco-loving posters and sell them to fund the offset of his recent carbon-emission shopping spree.

“The carbon offsetting I will do with the proceeds involves calculating how much carbon is generated while transporting all our stuff in a truck, flying our family of 3 in a jet, and transporting both of our cars on the back of a semi truck. Then, selecting a organization that funds the planting of trees, and promoting alternative energy.”

The series of five beautifully designed posters are available for purchase on, with a plethora of size and paper type options to display your devotion to ecological sustainability (and good graphic design!) however you see fit. Max also recommends checking out your own carbon impact and joining the community at

via Future Shipwreck

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