Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Nike "Beautiul Losers" Dunk Collection

To commemorate the Beautiful Losers release, Nike’s Sportswear’s JESSE LEYVA has also created a series of 22 Beautiful Losers Dunks emblazoned with iconic stills from the movie using the company’s new high-resolution digital printing process. Says Aaron Rose of the project, “We went back to the documentary and pulled frame stills of what we felt were key moments in the narrative. We used these moments to tell the Beautiful Losers story using the shoes as a medium, with the end result being a collection of works of art.” Viewed together, the shoes reflect the overall narrative of the film, and after being exhibited at the NYC and LA “Make Something!” workshops, two sets of the shoes will be auctioned off with proceeds donated to the Children’s Aid Society.

LOCATION: 255 Elizabeth Street

August 8: Zine Making with Aaron Rose
August 9: Cinematography with Tobin Yelland
August 10: Character Design with Kaws
August 14: Animation with Todd James
August 16: Photography with Cheryl Dunn
August 17: Design with Eric Elms
August 18 Tattoos with Scott Campbell
August 21: Painting with Eric White
August 22: Sneaker Design with Jesse Leyva

Via Supertouch.

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