Monday, August 18, 2008

Notorious - an Evel Knievel Artprint

Hero was asked to be a part of a great mini-series at Signed and Numbered Poster Gallery called "Notorious", featuring portraits of famous people (living or dead).

Signed and Numbered is run by Leia Bell and it is a little gallery in Salt Lake City featuring Limited Edition concert posters, art prints and other handmade goodies by contemporary artists... both world renowned and yet undiscovered.

The mini-series features 30 different prints by 30 different artists, and they will all be available framed and unframed at the gallery.

Here is Hero's contribution to the show:

Hero also has this print available on our website here, in store and at festivals.

""There is no king, no prince, no president, no athlete, nobody that has ever lived a better life than I have." —Evel Knievel"

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