Monday, April 20, 2009

Things we are into right now...


Transformer - Lou Reed

I've always been a big fan of Bowie's time spent in Berlin and the records he recorded while there as well as those he produced. Lou Reed's second solo record is a classic that is a favorite of mine from that period and one that I've already listened to dozens of times. For some reason though, I have listened to this at least once every day for the past 3 weeks, and plan on listening to it again tomorrow as I work. I have problems.


Here at Hero we like to always give our clients 110 %, so when they insist that we watch an acclaimed TV series as project research, who are we to say no? After watching the first season as "research," I can't wait to watch the next two. One of my new favorite TV shows.

Night of the Hunter - Davis Grubb

Having been a big fan of the 1955 Charles Laughton film, I was excited to find a copy of the original 1953 novel it was based on at a local thrift store a couple of weeks ago. The southern gothic style of the novel is just as great as the noir stylings of the film, but it's hard to get Robert Mitchum's interpretation of the "Preacher" out of your head as you're reading it. The edition has some really great illustrations in it too, especially of "the hands of Love & Hate". Well worth the $0.79.


Friendly Fires

Friendly Fires is a UK band out with their first self-titled album that dropped in 08. Although it's a relatively old album out there, I have been pretty into listening to them lately. I am sure Ryan has viewed me across the room popin' and lockin' (they make you wanna dance) all over the place. Songs to listen to Skeleton Boy, Photobooth, White Diamonds. Gnarly indeed. And their video for Skeleton Boy is pretty spectacular, check it out.

Sirens of Titan

Kurt Vonnegut is gold. I have been reading his books since high school. I am reading "Sirens of Titan" right now and so far so good. Its basically a satire asking the question of the meaning of life and answering it at the same time. Ballsy for sure.

Rescue Me

Although I have just started to get into this series its pretty amazing. So while watching series 5 I also have to catch up with the other four episodes (blockbuster here I come!). If you haven't watched this series it stars Dennis Leary as a NYC Firefighter deal with Post-Traumatic Stress (and is basically going crazy) after the events of 9/11. Although season six has been secured for 2010, there has been some speculation that it might be the "Curtain Call" after that, keep your fingers cross folks!

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