Thursday, April 2, 2009

Post Flatstock Wrap Up

So it may be a little overdue, but here it is none the less...

(the only photo we took of our own booth, nice right?)

Flatstock 20 at the SXSW Music Festival was yet another successful and rowdy time for Hero! We came home giddy, wiped out yet somehow refreshed, inspired, full of BBQ, tacos, and margaritas and for me, sicker than hell!

SXSW is the kick off to our travel (carnie) season and we look forward to it as soon as we get home from Flatstock at Bumbershoot in September. We saw a lot of old friends, met some great new people, ran into clients and even friends from Buffalo that we haven't seen since winter set in. Flatstock was 4 days instead of the usual 3 this year, and we found that part to be wonderful, a lot of the hardcore SXSWers that are too busy with day parties and all the goings on of SXSW and even some of the Austinites that refuse to leave the house during SXSW, got to come check out Flatstock on Sunday.

We got to shack up with the Strawberryluna crew again, which is always a side-splitting riot, and of course the party van with us, the 'Lunas and Doublenaut. This year we had tons of great laughs at Melrose Place (our rad pool in the center of our hotel courtyard) with all our talented friends from around the country, and even a few from Canada (check out all their links in our links section). That is where "inflatio" was born and it will never be forgotten, thank you Terry.

We ate too much BBQ (thank you again Salt Lick for accommodating over 40 insane poster artists), ate probably the best migas and breakfast tacos at Juan in A Million, which came complete with the firmest handshake in all of Texas and I even bought myself some kick ass cowboy boots from Boot City!!

Thank you to all of our friends that make Flatstock the best part of what we do, everyone that came by, chatted with us, bought some of our stuffs and made us feel welcome in Austin for the 4th year in a row!

We can't wait till next year! Yee-haw!

Check out all of our pictures here

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Delicious Industries said...

The stand looks great, as do the posters!