Wednesday, April 29, 2009

So many new goodies available now at Hero.

I love great days when we get a big shipment with lots of stuff. Today was one of those days! Check out ALL the new stuff that is available NOW at Hero.

Plush 'Stache Labbits 7-Inch
San Francisco artist Frank Kozik’s iconic furball adds new plush flavors to the addiction menu. Available in blue and pink.

Luckies Zipper Pulls
The magical minds at FriendsWithYou introduce Luckies zipper pulls. Find iconic characters Malfi, TTT, Buddy Chub and more in this 29 figure blind boxed series designed to bring you good luck and happiness.

Rollin' Stock Mini Figures
Graffiti writer & DJ Kid Acne’s Rollin’ Stock mini series. Cast in his signature 70’s-flavored aesthetic, each figure in this 12-toy series links together. Hook your train up with more traction if you find the 2 chases.

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