Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bumble and bumble Holiday Goodies

Saw this over at NOTCOT and I was so excited 'cuz I love Bumble and bumble so much and these products are just amazing. The Bb.Bandball is genius, it's a prestarted rubber band ball for your hair bands, complete with notches for your bands, so no more losing them.

Not only does Bb. have the best hair products I have ever found, their packaging, advertising and their entire aesthetic is always top notch. If you are looking for Bumble and bumble products locally in the Buffalo area definitely go to New Age Salon, and while you are there get the best cut of your life.

From Bumble and bumble about the hair bauble:

“The limited edition hair baubles were designed exclusively for Bumble and bumble by artist, inventor and lover of functional objects, Piet Houtenbos (son of Hair Hero Christiaan). The boxes (designed by resident Bumble and bumble artist Gillian Haro) feature illustrations of hair tools that look like something you’d discover in a curiosities shop - in a mad mix of fun, festive, carnival colors.”

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