Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The 9 most disturbingly misogynistic old print ads

Crazy (almost hysterical) the way the world viewed women back in the day. Here are nine of the most bizarre and anti-woman ads ever.

Click here for some hilarious commentary on the above ads.



Delicious Industries said...

So funny how all the women in the ads look really happy and pleased with themselves!?

Hero Design Studio + Boutique said...

so proud of themselves!! haha

Anonymous said...

Mind blowing right? Somedays I think we've come so much farther.

Other days, not so confident.

Rocket said...

Sometimes we wonder, as a society, have we really evolved. Sure, there are times where we tend to regress into neanderthalic ways, but at least we're not complete morons anymore. This was funny, and enlightening. Thanks.