Thursday, November 13, 2008

Alexander Girard Plyprints

I am a huge fan of Alexander Girard's designs so I am loving these Alexander Girard Plyprints from Velocity. Each graphic panel features an iconic Alexander Girard image hand screen-printed on a US made sustainably-harvested maple plywood panel that cannot otherwise be sold because of imperfections in the grain. Each one includes all the mounting hardware that you need and have a spacer on the back that allows the panel to float off the wall - which always looks great.



strawberryluna said...

Alexander Girard is the best that was, is, and will be. Somehow I was lucky enough to stumble into a craft museum in NYC in 2000 that tons of his work. Didn't even realize that I was familiar with it until I saw a whole bunch corralled together. Yay.

Delicious Industries said...

These are great, love the idea of printing onto plywood too.