Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii - need your suggestions!

So even though we weren't going to get each other birthday gifts this year, since we're getting each other a huge nice new flatscreen TV for Christmas - Mark decided to ignore that and surprise me with an early birthday present last night. A Wii!! And he surprised me by hiding it in the pantry, so I would find it when I put away the groceries last night after a late night and much needed grocery shopping trip. (awwwwww)

Now that we have it, I need to know what games we NEED?? I am not much of a "gamer" per se, but I love games like "LocoRoco" for the PSP and "Me and My Katamari", and Mark got me "Cooking Mama" last night with the console cuz it's just so stinken adorable and silly. So yeh, I like ridulous games that won't frustrate me and cause me to lose interest.

So come on, post em in the comments section, what games are "must haves" for the Wii???


Delicious Industries said...

I've heard Wii Tennis is great - my friends have it at work - gets a bit competitive though!

cara ann said...

Wario Ware: Smooth Moves, Boom Blox, Carnival Games, Super Paper Mario, & coming out in November is Animal Crossing: City Folk.

i'm such a nerdddd.

Hero Design Studio + Boutique said...

oooh so many good choices!!! I cant wait to try em all. I have been loving my Wii. Hey how do I do the friend code thing you mentioned?

cara ann said...

okay finally getting around to telling you how to find your friend code!
1. start from the wii menu
2. go to the button in the bottom right corner with the envelope
3. click the create message button (second from left)
4. click address book
5. left (-) for YOUR friend code
6. register to add friend codes

here's a visual in case i suck at explaining things!(http://www.croncast.com/find_wii_friend_code.mp4)

our friend code is:
7103 5093 7250 9952

i can't wait to see your little mii's in our miiParade!