Monday, October 6, 2008

Barack Obama’s Fifty State Strategy

Michael Bierut designed a poster for the Democrats’ Artists for Obama initiative. The 40 × 26 inch poster features a new name for each of the fifty states, each set in a bright color in the candidate’s now familiar Gotham typeface. “The poster can be interpreted as both arrogant and silly, and I doubt the campaign is eager to promote either of those characteristics,” concedes Bierut. “Although I think it’s fun.” Evidently others do, too: a print of the poster raised $625 at a silent auction to benefit the AIGA at the organization’s annual Design Legends Gala last month.

Available for a limited time, in limited quantities, and for the same price - with all proceeds all going to Obama for America. To find out how you might get your own autographed (by Beirut) copy, send an email to obamaposter [at]

It's so refreshing to see a simply designed poster for election time, without the usual patriotic themes and colors.

image copyright pentagram


Delicious Industries said...

Great blog! Loving all the great design surrounding the Obama campaign and this is no exception!

Hero Design Studio + Boutique said...

Thanks I am loving your blog too, for some reason I didn't find it until today and I came across it randomly.

It will now be a part of my daily stops on the internets.