Friday, October 3, 2008

There was a Drive By at Hero today.

Two of the dudes from Drive By Press came by Hero today with Abbey from Aesthetic Outburst, to say 'Hey', to check out our shop and to pick up a few prints. Drive by Press was created in 2005 when two artist and printmakers, Greg Nanney and Joseph Velasquez, met in graduate school and made it their mission to share their enthusiasm for printmaking with audiences everywhere. Before they could start, the two artists sold their art, pawned their guitars, amps, and all else but their souls in order to buy their printing press. They loaded the 600 pound 14th century style machine in the back of their vehicle and took off across the country and have been on the road ever since. The two, dubbed kings of DIY printmaking, have now traveled over 100,000 miles spreading ink and their style of guerilla art making at events across America.

After setting up at the University at Buffalo yesterday and on their way to Brockport, we got a chance to meet them and talk about what they were doing. Not only do they travel to Universities and set up demos but they have also gone on tour with quite a few bands including Spoon, BRMC, Chromeo, Louis 14th, Dark Angels, White Rabbits, The Walkmen and more, printing their designs while you wait at the shows. Customers are able to interact with the DBP during the printing process, selecting their own combination of color and placement of the designs. This way each guest gets to help create their very own piece of one-of-kind wearable art.

Such a cool concept. We wish those guys wonderful travels and we can't wait to run into them again soon. Read more about Drive By Press and you can purchase tees on their site as well.

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