Wednesday, July 9, 2008

CONTEST: Who is the White Ninja? WIN: A Hero poster of your choice

If you are from or have ever visited Buffalo and more specifically in the neighborhood where Hero is, Allentown, you have seen the White Ninja. No one knows who she is, where she came from or why she dresses that way. We see her almost EVERY day and we all have our thoughts, now we want yours!

If you haven't seen her in person, that's OK too, speculate from the photos, it could be very fun!

WHAT: Come up with the best back story on Buffalo and Allentown's infamous White Ninja and win a free Hero poster ($30 or less).

HOW: Post a comment here with your story on who the White Ninja is, be as creative as you can, the most outrageous and original will win.

WHEN: Get your story up by Monday 7/21 at 12pm EST and we will pick the best and most original story, the winner will receive a Hero poster of their choice ($30 value or less). Enter as many times as you want.

PS ANYONE can win!


Buffawhat said...

So what I heard was that she is this insanely OCD person who can't stand dirt. everything she owns has to be white, so she can see the filth before it has a chance to get to her. I also heard once that she went nuts and drank bleach. God, what a Blossomesque way to deal with life... WHoah!

PS. she says hi to me whenever I pass by, so she can't be all that bad.

Ann Marie said...

The Order of the Hypoallergenic Lotus is an old and venerable sisterhood of hooded warriors based deep in the annals of the Himalayan mountains. Centuries old, this collective has more recently dedicated their plight to the combat of harmful germs and icky dirt (the twenty first century does little to deliver good old traditional-type villians like in the good old days.). Having succesfully driven off any possible pathogens from their dojo, the sisters of the collective spent many a dull afternoon lolling around in their sturdy hypoallergenic regalia with no combat or adventure to fill the hours. Eventually, their presence in the cold sterile mountains were all but unwarranted and they split up to practice their noble squeaky clean art world round so as to (have something to do) keep the world safe from mildew and grass stains.
One sister of the collective had been raised by the Order of the Hypoallergenic Lotus since she was a little girl, and followed the doctrines of the sisterhood most faithfully. She chose to travel to a city which held notoriety for the amount of filth and dirt it held dear: Buffalo, New York.
The first weeks after her arrival were brutal. She pitted herself against the most ruthless of foes: the day after the Taste of Buffalo, Allentown on a Sunday Morning, the Commercial Slip and even the Mighty Taco dumpsters.
The loyal sister could take no more. She had worn herself thin fighting the ilk of decay, but she seemed to have done little to hinder its ifluence.
Instead she girded her loins. She bulked up her hypoallergenic regalia; determined to expose as little flesh as possible to such an unclean city, she now roams the streets to preach the doctrines of the sisterhood in the hopes that her humble message will accomplish what her heroic gallantry could not.

strawberryluna said...


val said...

I totally forgot about this lady until I read this. I saw her all the time when I lived in Buffalo!

Weekend said...

She, well "it" is not a ninja. I have spoke with it. It is a Xhakar from the planet Garcon, Here on a misson to collect some info(soil samples,gas prices, etc.) and to occasionally freak out some of the squares.
I warn you however do not fuck with it, for it has over a thousand tenacle like appendages under that white cloth and will devour you in seconds.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I'm surprised you guys have documented her as well as you have. I've never actually been face to face with her. Legend has it that she has superhuman powers and several Hollywood blockbusters have been loosely based on her exploits.

I hear, last years Hayden Christiansen masterpiece Jumper is partially based on her. I relate this to the fact that I have never actually seen her, she just gets the wrong energy from me and "jumps" to China. You guys are lucky.

I've also heard she is thousands of years old. And she may in fact be Mary Magdalen. Yes, the Da Vinci Code was also loosely based on her. I hear she's more involved with the sequel though.

And lastly, and these are the most speculative of the bunch, I heard Quentin Tarantino captured her and was so inspired by her beauty that he based the Bride in Kill Bill on her. And, I also heard she taught Chuck Norris everything he knows. Seriously, don't fuck with her.

Cheers, to her.

gjhead said...


I can't tell you how much this lady in white freaked me out when I lived up there. I'm not sure why - but damn did I get the chills every time I saw her. That shit creeps me out big time!

Tim said...

i hear she banged Lumberg.

Chris said...

It was a tuesday. I was sitting outside the Allen/Medical Campus metro rail station when she must've passed behind me, not making a single sound. I turned to look and see what it was, as I had almost felt her presence, a shiver running up my spine as though she was some sort of supernatural, ethereal being. I felt the urge to confront her, but before I knew it she was leaping up the side of a building like a monkey wrapped in toilet paper. I followed suit in a graceful manner Ang Lee would've been proud of. The chase went on for what seemed like a millenia, until finally I managed to catch up to her, as she had gotten one of her pant(?)legs caught on one of those cool spinning vent top things. You know what I'm talking about. Anyways, I pinned her down and demanded she tell me her story, in case I needed to know it for some sort of dumb contest in the future. Stunned by both my question and my brilliant looks, she replied with a story I shall never forget.

"I am the last of a lost tribe of underground, sewer-dwelling people. We were a proud race, a people who were able to creep around through the dirt and much running underneath the city without ever getting our pure-white clothing stained. But one day, the other dwellers of the sewers, called the Crazies (not to be confused with the similar sewer-people of Escape from New York, but surprisingly similar) decided to wage a war on us. They came forth, flinging mud and slime and pestilence. We tried to fight them off, but there was just too much to block off, and one by one we fell, our stained outfits leaving us in shame and eventual death due to mud poisoning. I was the only one who escaped unscathed. Now, I spend my days above ground, blending in as well as anyone as mummified in such garb as mine could. And here I shall always be."

And before I knew it, she was gone. That story I have shared with only this board now, because it has been the only place available to share it with at this point. But some day, I believe that there will be comics, books, films, and a TV miniseries based on this absolutely true, non-fictional tale that definitely happened.

Hero Design Studio + Boutique said...


Chris please send an email to - and tell us what poster you would like and where we should send it. Please make "White Ninja Contest" the subjectline.

Thanks for all the amazing stories guys!!

Anonymous said...

Somebody told me she has died during the past few weeks. I last saw her I think around the first week of June, and lately she has been known to disappear alot...does anyone know if there is any truth to this terrible rumor?

Hero Design Studio + Boutique said...

Ironically I saw the White Ninja this morning shortly after I read this comment. She passed right by Hero!!