Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Skwak Oil Slick Dunny 8"

Oil Slick Dunny 8-Inch

Strike it rich with this eye-popping, super limited Dunny from French artist Skwak. Sporting a maniacal grin and clutching two cans of liquid fortune, Oil Slick Dunny is covered nearly head to toe in a healthy splattering of the crude stuff. Just don’t let him drink your milkshake.

At only 500 of each edition made, Oil Slick Dunny drops tomorrow at Hero. The “gold” edition of Oil Slick Dunny will be available only at Kidrobot stores and select retailers including Hero. The black “oil” edition will be available exclusively at


agent0014 said...

if I bought one of the online only ones and am now considering stopping in and buying one of these as well... do I have a problem?

Hero Design Studio + Boutique said...

haha! No problems at all!!

agent0014 said...

Haha made it in time today to grab the last one!! Wewt!