Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Test Prints listed in our Etsy Shop

Over the last few weeks, we finally took some time to scan and photograph some more of our one-of-a-kind 8" x 10" Owl Test Prints and full size Test Prints that we had in a put aside here at the studio and they are available now in our Etsy Shop. We plan on scanning and photographing a bunch more of our other 8" x 10" and full size test prints this week and next, so look for those.

These are all available in our Etsy Shop and at the Hero Boutique. We are loving making test prints these days and even though we always have them available at the Hero Boutique and the different shows we attend, we are working really hard on making more available online.

"What's a test print?" you ask.

A test print is a magical one-of-a-kind print created from layers of different prints we've made over time. We use them to get colors right, fix a mistake when screenprinting, and for lots of other reasons. Sometimes the layers just come together in such a beautiful way that a strange piece of paper with lots of stuff is turned into a finished print.

Be sure to look through all of our listings for different test print designs, we have loads and we are always adding more.

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