Monday, November 30, 2009

Have your Kidrobot and eat it too.

Local bakery owner, Zilly of Zilly Cakes, stopped by Hero today for the first time. She was sent to us by our friends at Sunday Skate Shop, after she went there asking if they carry Kidrobot. She came in and asked for me by name, carrying a HUGE white box that she said 'was something she thought we might like'.

Zilly had a huge Kidrobot logo cake that she made for a customer that didn't pick it up. She brought it by since she heard we carry and love Kidrobot. She gave us the cake and just wanted us to 'enjoy it in good health'.

The cake is beautifully made and it is about 12" long and about 6" high and it is layers of white cake with white frosting in between and the whole thing is covered in a beautiful homemade fondant.

I think this calls for a cake party. Who's bringing the milk?

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