Thursday, November 19, 2009

Time to drool over House Industries again...

Every time an email shows up in my inbox from House Industries, I can expect I am going to be wanting most of what is contained. This week's email is no exception, they are featuring their new Holiday Objects and of course, I want way too many things. (Hint hint, Christmas is coming up - I am making it easy for you, buy me pretty much ANYTHING from House and I will be happy.)

Check out all of House's wares on their website and if you are in NYC today, you'd be stupid not to hit up their one day Pop-Up Shop at the Type Directors Club to touch and feel both old and new Housewares in person:

House Industries Pop-Up Shop
November 19th from 11:30am-6pm
Type Directors Club
347 West 36 Street, Suite 603
New York, New York

Our pals Allison and Craig from Strawberryluna, got me the Ampersand Cutting Board for my birthday last month and it rules my face!! I have it on display in our kitchen and it makes me happy every single morning. (thanks again guys)

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