Thursday, September 18, 2008

Stop Forwarding.

This is just too perfect. A way to anonymously ask that certain friend or family member to "knock it off with the forwards already!"

There are a few people in my family (and friends) that insist on sending ANY and EVERY awful forward they get to not just some, but ALL of the people in their address book. And for that matter without using the BCC feature. Come on people, not only do I not care about 'what women say to their husbands to avoid sex', or about 'all the funny things Sarah Palin has said so far', I don't want all your friends doing the ONE thing that I don't want them to do, which is the dreaded REPLY ALL!!! (and I know at least one will do that)

While we are on this topic, just because I know you, doesn't mean you can add me to a HUGE mailing list that you don't plan on keeping private. Great, you have a wonderful art opening this weekend and you invited me and EVERYONE else you know in Buffalo, at least do me the service of keeping my email address private. Use the "BCC" field, thats why it's there. Since we all know those other jerks that need help in their email etiquette as well, are gonna grab my email and everyone else's on that list and start mailing us about their stupid events too.

woah, sorry about that.


(well shit, I just realized I can't use this anytime soon or people will know where it came from)

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