Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Make your wall magnetic

(photo from Apartment Therapy)

We are planning to do this to our poster wall here at the boutique, and possibly on a wall in our home office, (if it works), so I was doing some research and I thought I would share what I have found...

1) Purchase Magenetic Paint, paint it on the wall as a primer - the more coats the stronger the magnetism - and then paint over with the color you desire. Available starting at $25 from Kling Magnetics, you can also buy some magnetic paint or chalk board paint from Yoya shop online, and RustOleum also makes a magnetic paint too. This company makes a magically magnetic paint additive that you can add to any paint.

2) Then buy yourself some clean modern magnets, here are a bunch of the cylinder and disk magnets on ebay - any magnets will work though. Post any links if you have other magnets you can suggest.

Here is a blog someone posted about turning his wall into a Magnetic Poster Wall.

I cannot suggest one product over another as we have yet to complete the project, so if you have used any of these products please let us know your experiences, we'd love to hear more about them.

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nbruscia said...

check out this site for some magnet options ...