Friday, September 12, 2008

Behance's Action Method - Make Idea's Happen

At Hero we are big fans of everything that Behance does. Not just because they did a wonderful feature on us at the beginning of this year, as well as some of our favorite artists, but because they "design products and services that empower the creative world to make ideas happen".

They developed an amazing program called Action Method - created to simplify project management and life for creatives. We had been eying up the Action Book and Dot Grid book online forever and wanting to get a few in here, and like everything else it just never got done. However, when we were in Seattle at the beginning of this month, we went into this great men's boutique in Ballard, Blackbird, that carried the full Action Method paper product line. Being able to hold these in our hands and thumb through them, made it really easy to pick a bunch up to have around the studio. It is very apparent that these were designed and produced for creatives, by creatives.

Action Method Principles

1.Capture Action Steps, Relentlessly

During a brainstorm, meeting, or on the run, ideas arrive in a flurry of other activity and can be lost unless they are captured and transformed into action steps. Action steps point to tasks to be completed. Each action step should start with a verb (ie.: follow up with x, review y, meet with z).
Turn Ideas into Action Steps

2. Tend to Your Backburner

Keep a "backburner" to catch ideas that may someday require actions, or just to clear your mind of the little and non-urgent things. Preserve your creative energy and focus on action steps!
Keep Non-Urgent Ideas in Backburner

3. File Reference Items, Sparingly

Keep only the notes, articles and sketches, that you need. Avoid clutter.
You can buy the products here and coming soon is a robust and powerful online application that will up your productivity and help "make ideas happen." Learn more about the Action Method here and sign up to get an advanced look at the online version and to be notified when it launches.

And be sure to check out everything that Behance has to offer, including a creative network, online magazine, creative index and so much more.

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