Monday, December 28, 2009

Back in stock at the Boutique.

Buds Blind Box Series III from Jamungo are available now at Hero and they are a killer series!

Featuring designs from MAD, Jesse Ledoux, Yuck, Jon Burgerman, FERG, Superdeux, Aesthetic Apparatus, VanBeater, Pedini, Kenn munk, saurkids, Jim Koch, Frank Kozik, oooOOOooo (Brian Morris) and Muttpop.

Jibibuts Wooden Blindbox by Noferin

Noferin continues to bring fine quality wooden figures to your door with their affordable blindbox series, the Jibibuts. Fun for adults and children alike!

One display case guarantees a complete set. There are 12 characters to collect plus two super secret rare Gold and Silver editions packed randomly. Sizes range from 2.5 - 3.5 inches. Made from sustainably harvested rubber wood.
Jibibuts sp., are long-lived forest dwellers native to the west coast of Carrara Island. Found mostly in moist temperate climates, they scurry about the forest floor consuming all manner of fallen leaf litter. Jibibuts sp., are important biological indicators of forest health. Specimens discovered by the Biological Institute of Carrara.

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