Wednesday, September 23, 2009

So much insanity...

September has been one THE craziest months ever for Hero. So, sorry for the lack of posts on the blog.

In the coming days look for - 'Things We Are Into' posts, reviews and photos from Flatstock and Renegade, photos from the Dunny party, new releases at the boutique for the next month and much more!

We'd also like to update you on the Artvoice art-stealing debacle, but there really isn't much more to tell you at this point. We had hoped to handle the situation as amicably as possible, however their response to us and choice of how to handle their mistake, didn't quite mesh with what we thought was fair, given the circumstances. So, we chose to not take their offer and are continuing to move forward in other ways. More on that when there is more to tell.

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