Friday, August 7, 2009

We need you! Help support! is an amazing website run by our dear friend Clay Hayes! This website has really been an amazing source of information, inspiration, laughs, and so much more for us for many years.

When we got into screen printing our own posters, was an endless source of everything we needed to know about screen printing and gigposters. We literally had one person at the studio with the press and the other on a laptop searching the archives of the forums trying to find answers to all of our questions, and trying to figure out how to fix what we messed up.

Even if you have no interest in screen printing and design, this website is a phenomenal archive of gigposters and fliers for events and shows from all over. There are close to 108,000 posters in the archive, featuring nearly 10,000 differernt bands and over 8,000 designers from all over the world. REALLY needs your help now!! We all need this website to stay around and we are asking for your help to keep this gem around!! Please give or do what you can!!

Here is what you can do to help:

Buy the book! - if you haven't got your copy of the Gig Posters: Volume 1 book, please consider ordering it. (they make great gifts too)

Buy Merch! - coloring books, decks of cards, clothing, posters etc. There are a bunch of amazing items from so many great designers.

Go Premium! - get yourself extra site features and support this site.

Sell in the classifieds - sell your own posters, tees, handmade toys etc

Buy a banner ad - advertise your studio or business

And...if none of this interests you, and you still would like to help there is a donate button on the front page.

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