Thursday, August 6, 2009

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Futurama Mini Figures



Time warp to the 31st century with cast of Futurama!

We've teamed up with Matt Groening and David X. Cohen for the second time to bring your favorite Planet Express employees to vinyl.

From the cryogenically frozen Fry to the ancient Dr. Zoidberg, 12 iconic characters, including 2 chases are coming at you blind boxed in the very near future. Each figure in this series comes with a sticker and some include accessories too!

Smorkin' Labbit
10-Inch DayGlo Polka Dot Edition


Spots are the new solid, or so Labbit thinks after smorkin' a few too many and getting experimental with his coat.

Because of his smork-induced slip-up, this 10-incher's now puffing away on a candy cigarette, and though he probably won't admit it, we think his DayGlo spots make him just a little bit happy.

Only 850 made.

Rippers Zipper Pulls


Can't kick your Kozik habit?

The King of Smork just coughed up a fresh pack of 1-inch Mongers and they're like nothing you've seen before.

Made from smooth enamel slabs, these little addicts clip onto your jackets, hoodies and backpacks so you can satisfy your inner smork everywhere you go.

Collect Labbit, Captain Blood, Sarge, and rest of the gang in this 23 piece series!

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niagaragirl said...

The Labbit is to cool for words. I don't by decoratives anymore (a vw I had to make t myself!), otherwise I'd be snappin' this up ;-)