Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Alexander Girard for Urban Outfitters

So geeking out over the Alexander Girard line at Urban Outfitters:

"A legendary 20th century artist and master of modern design, Alexander Girard - colorist, pattern maker, environmental and exhibition extraordinaire - adorned approachable, useful and functional media with his iconic patterns, bold colors and stylized charm. With folk art as his inspiration, Girard's playful and expressive designs allowed him to head Herman Miller's Textile Division and embark on high-profile independent projects."

I am a HUGE fan of Alexander Girard's work and am excited to see a line of stuff at an affordable price. Included in the collection are printed bed linens, canvas printed cushions, cotton-canvas drapes, cotton shower curtains, and stretched wall art. Transforming iconic designs into items for the home so that they can be used, interacted with, and enjoyed on a daily basis. Original Girard designs featured include the Alphabet, Love, Moon, and Eden prints. I SOOOO badly want the "Alphabet Quilt". Check out all the items here.

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Anonymous said...

I ordered the alphabet quilt and it is sooooo AWESOME!!!! So what are you waiting for....go grab your credit card NOW!