Tuesday, March 17, 2009

SXSW is calling...

Hero's Flatstock 20 poster - available for purchase exclusively at Flatstock
(and on our website when we return if any copies remain)

We're leaving bright and early tomorrow morning for Austin to participate in SXSW and Flatstock (see our previous post about what these are). We're pretty stoked 'cuz the party starts REAL early this time since the second leg of our flights tomorrow comes complete with built in BFFs. The Strawberryluna crew is on our second flight and we're gonna cause a ruckus in row 18!! HOLLA! And to add to the fun, the "Hero party van" is making a reappearance this SXSW and we'll be rolling six deep with the Strawberryluna and Doublenaut crews through the streets of Austin. (ok so it's a min-van, but whatevs)

The boutique will still be open while we are away, normal business hours - but there will probably be VERY little blogging happening till I get back! Stay tuned though, when we get back we'll post photos of our adventures, show you all the new prints and tees that we've been working on that are debuting in Austin this week and probably have lots of good stories to share :)

**Oh and hey, if you are coming by Flatstock this weekend, make sure to mention that you read our blog and we'll give you a little gift. Here is the floor plan of Flatstock 20 in the Austin Convention Center to help you navigate your way to us and all of our super talented neighbors.**

Miss you, friends.

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Anonymous said...

Eeeeeee! I can't fall asleep I'm so excited to get the party started! See you super soon!