Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Germusu Single Celled Pouches at Hero now.

Lots of new goodies at Hero this week. Here is some background info on the Germusu Single Celled Pouches

The Germusu “are mini storage microbial pouches” from artist Vanessa Germosen. The 2009 lineup includes five new characters: Achu (teal), Gou (green), Coli (yellow), Eri (red) and Zoa (gray).

Achu is annoying
but she doesn’t make you sneeze
she’s that stinky fella
that lives in your blue cheese.

Gou is kinda shy
he always likes to hide
in the inside of your ear
or the corner of your eye.

Coli is so evil, Coli is so mean
he’ll make you burp
and make you hurt
and then he’ll eat your spleen!

Eri’s kind of stinky
rot’s his favorite scent
he loves your smelly toes jam
and your bits of belly lint.

Zoa’s really boring
he likes to mope about
he’ll dawdle and sulk all day long
and then he’ll just pass out.

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