Thursday, December 11, 2008

Santa came early to Hero

Our great friend (and super talented illustrator) Thomas Rooney, from Pavlov's Togs, stopped by yesterday bearing gifts.

Check out these goodies he gave me...

Sophocles the Hyena by Jim Moran and illustrated by Roger Duvoisin, a wonderfully adorable book from the 60's with the most beautiful illustrations filled with some super rad textures, that I am just in love with.
I started scanning all my favorite illustrations from the book, but there were too many to choose just a few, so check out this lovely...

And check out this amazing gem of a catalog for the Tandy Leather Company, with key pages pre-marked for us (Tom sure has great taste).

I mean seriously who doesn't need a leather top hat? WOW!

He also brought me a lovely Buffalo scarf that he made and Mark got a gift card to Burger King, what every great fast food junkie needs!! If you are in the Buffalo area definitely check out Tom's store on Elmwood and if not, check out his amazing webstore (yup Hero created the Pavlov's Tog site). Thanks again Tom!!!


Anonymous said...

holy amazing HATS.

Delicious Industries said...

What a great friend. The Tandy catalogue looks fantastic, and as Strawberryluna has said - Amazing Hats!