Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Magic Pen Writes in Helvetica

This just made me smile so much!! So amazingly hysterical!

"Ahhhh… technology. The geniuses at Plexifilm have spent the past two years developing a Sharpie pen that actually writes in Helvetica! This pen is so experimental that it’s priceless… literally. You can’t buy one, but you can get one free with any Helvetica merchandise purchase (DVD, T-shirt, etc.). Get your free pen while they last. It’s a great gift for that person in your life with sloppy handwriting…"

*Warning: if you are John Downer or Marian Bantjes then the pen will actually write in Helvetica. Otherwise, your results may vary. Do not swallow. Keep away from open flame and co-workers. May cause drowsiness.

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Delicious Industries said...

Love the idea of this - oh to only be able to write in Helvetica - actually it would be pretty cool to always write in Futura too, but I bet the 'o' s would be a bit of a nightmare!