Friday, October 9, 2009

Even More Framed Hero Mini Test Prints - Available Now

We just put a whole new batch of mini framed test prints up in our etsy store. Check out all of em here and keep checking back, we'll be adding more soon. And come by the Hero Boutique to get some too, a whole different batch are on display and available in store.

"What's a test print?" you ask.

A test print is a magical one-of-a-kind print created from layers of different prints we've made over time. We use them to get colors right, fix a mistake when screenprinting, and for lots of other reasons. Sometimes the layers just come together in such a beautiful and accidental way, that a strange piece of paper with lots of stuff is turned into a finished print.

We've recently gone through our stacks of test prints and cut some down into 5" x 7" prints and framed them. Each print is available in an unfinished pine frame. If you are interested in purchasing more than one, contact via message on etsy or email and we can offer a discount depending on how many.

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