Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Flatstock follow-up and photos

The Hero booth at Flatstock 21 at Pitchfork Music Festival

Sorry for the late post, but things have been crazy since we've gotten back! We had a fabulous time in Chicago filled with a super rad road trip, great friends, huge root beers, great music, posters, vodka smoothies, expensive ok-ish bloody marys, zoo trips, and so much more. We always love to hang out with all of our amazingly talented friends from all over North America, live the carnie lifestyle for a few days and to meet a ton of people that geek out over design and printing the way we all do.

Thank you to everyone that came out, said 'hi', bought posters, bought us ice cream (I'm looking at you phoondaddy), Dan Crosshair and the API for putting together another successful Flatstock and an extra special thanks to Grizzly Bear and Blitzen Trapper for hiring us to do the exclusive posters for their shows at Pitchfork. We are of course fans of both bands so they were super fun gigs for us and it was a pleasure to hear both of them live again, too.

Here are just a few of the highlights from the trip - you can see all of our photos from the trip in our Flickr set.

Us and Strawberryluna with our HUGE root beers from a rad old timey drive in somewhere in Indiana

Us on our day off in Chicago

A visit to Delicious Design League's new HQ

Our booth neighbor (our forever neighbor) Strawberryluna

Flaming Lips at the end of Sunday night at Pitchfork

Friends. Lincoln Park Zoo

A stop off on our drive home to a Fireworks Warehouse in Indiana. My first time. I got Wonder Hands!!


Aesthetic Outburst... said...

Looks awesome! Congrats! Aren't the Flaming Lips the best EVER?! We saw them when I was pregnant with Emmett and they were amazing. It doesn't get much better than dancing santas and aliens.

Delicious Industries said...

Looks like you guys had a great time. The posters look fantastic all hanging together too.

Cayetano G Valenzuela said...

Oh man looks like fun! I am going to start getting into going to stuff like this once we get our prints underway. Any pointers?