Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sagmeister: Life So Far

I am a HUGE fan of Stefan Sagmeister's, the more I read his books and interviews with him, the more that feeling is amplified. Stefan's approach to design, running a small studio and our industry in general, is a great influence of mine. Our friends over at Behance sat down with the 'master on remaining small, taking a human approach, and life lessons', you can read the whole interview here.

AND, (and this is a huge and super awesome "and") Stefan Sagmeister will be speaking here in Buffalo on July 16, during TypeCon2008, and Hero was asked to do the official poster for the event, so keep an eye out for it next week around town, and we will have copies available on our website after the event. Get your tickets here. Definitely go over to Sameister Inc. as well.

I am more excited about seeing Sagmeister live, than any band I have seen in the last 5 years!!

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