Friday, March 28, 2008

Alexander Girard and InterfaceFLOR

Official distributor of Alexander Girard designs máXimo recently announced its collaboration with InterfaceFLOR, a producer of modular carpet tiles.

The collection, which will launch this spring, will feature Girard's La Fonda del Sol sun imagery, along with the cheerful color palette we've come to associate with the revered mid-century designer. The partnership seems apropos—Girard wrote a letter to Herman Miller president D.J. Depree back in 1953 expressing interest in creating a modular carpet tile system. Some fifty plus years later the market is just catching up.

via Dwell Blog


Olive Valentine said...

What is this craziness? I want an acid trip floor.

How did you find me? I'm supposed to be the rare and illustrious am I full of myself or what.

Olive Valentine said...

well you've caught me, I secretly and completely promote you guys on the side.

see you tomorrow or later today.