Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Design Police

Bring bad design to justice! Spend more than five minutes with any visually-conscious (or sometimes visually obsessive) person and you will see it everywhere (as they will point it out): bad color combos, heinous spacing, over-sized logos, and — eww — excessive use of bad typefaces.

Now the Design Police want to “Bring bad design to justice.” and they have even provided a Visual Enforcement Kit to help you with your vigilante justice… whether you choose to make that in the form of stickers, stencils, etc…. Design Police's downloadable Visual Enforcement Kit gives you a series of offense-marking stickers to gleefully place on bad kerning and other layout tragedies whenever you see fit. These five pages of design-geek glory include stickers including such amazing insults as "Unnecessary use of a Photoshop effect" or "Kern This". My personal favs are "Style Copied from: blank" and "Microsoft Word is not a design tool".

If this is making any sense to you so far you're probably a design geek, with a great awareness for bad design choices.

via Josh Spear

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allison.wilton said...

haha. my mom dug these and printed them out.

def going to show these to the professors when i get back

o and btw. i have a blog tooooo