Thursday, September 27, 2007

Dunny Series 4 - at Hero Now!

Dunny Series 4 are available today at Hero!! Dunny Series 4 is rockin' the block with it's greatest assortment of artists yet.

Series 4 is a 3-Inch mini-series featuring Frank Kozik, Jon Burgerman, MAD, Tara McPherson, Mad Barbarians, Shane Jessup, David Flores, KOA, Sket One, Gary Baseman, Michael Motorcycle, Joe Ledbetter, MIST, Nico Berry, Thomas Han and Mike '2600' Davis of Twelve Car Pileup. Like we said, it's gonna blow your minds.

This 20 piece blind assortment features some designs limited to just 500 pieces and a few of you lucky Dunny hunters will find the 1 in 400 Golden Ticket redeemable for an incredibly exclusive and surely sought after Frank Kozik Dunny.

Come in NOW and check them out, they are KILLER!

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